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The Biology DSC in the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year is divided into two main branches: Academics & Operations headed by Meredith, and Social & Student Affairs headed by Farrah. The two main branches are divided into 4 teams: Student Affairs, Social, Academics, and Operations. The DSC will meet as a whole, and communication between the two branches and each of the four teams would be encouraged, especially during event planning and while implementing new initiatives throughout the upcoming academic year.

Biology DSC Application Form


Please email your completed application form to:

Note: No previous experience is required for any of the positions listed above. However, for all of these positions we are looking for individuals who have strong communication skills, are organized, can work well individually as well as in a group setting, and LOVE BIOLOGY!

Student Affairs

Year Representatives (8 total = 2 per year )

  • Year representatives are responsible for acting as a resource for students in biology if they have questions or concerns about academics, opportunities, or just about the biology department or the DSC in general. The year representatives will be involved in making important announcements in classes as well as utilizing social media to promote events within the department. They may need to fulfill other tasks as outlined by the Student Affairs and Social Team Co-President such as interviewing professors for the Bio-Culture newsletter
Newsletter Coordinator (1)
  • The Newsletter coordinator oversees the Bio-Culture monthly newsletter. They will work with year reps and career rep to produce quality alumni and professor highlights. They are responsible for developing the ‘Career Path’ column, where we highlight someone’s steps to getting a job in a biology-related field.
PR Representatives (2)

  • This position is fairly active and involves promoting the Biology Facebook group, Twitter account, and Instagram account to keep students informed on current events within the department. Additionally, this position involves communication with the social and fundraising coordinators to ensure that students know about the events being run by the DSC. They may also help with creating graphics.

Graphics Designer (2)

  • They are responsible for creating Facebook cover photos, monthly events calendar, event promotional posters, invitations to format, etc. They will coordinate with ASUS to publish appropriate and eye-catching graphics.

Social Team

Social Coordinators (3)

  • The social coordinators will be responsible for the logistics of planning and running a variety of events for students and professors in the department of biology. The social coordinators are involved in events such as Beers with Profs, as well as smaller events throughout the year such as study night in BioSci, inter-department socials, and committee socials. We are looking for creative individuals with new ideas so that we can continue to provide a wide range of opportunities for students (both departmental and inter-departmental). They will assist with planning and implementing the Biology Formal in March 2018 which duties will involve establishing a theme and coordinating decorations.


RTP and Undergraduate Representative (1)

  • This position serves as the undergraduate student voice in department-wide meetings. They are required to attend meetings with faculty and play a role in making departmental decisions, representing the undergraduate student perspective. In addition, they will speak to classes and professors in order to increase student involvement in departmental matters.

USAT Coordinator (1)

  • The USATs Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the distribution of feedback surveys for lecturers (USATs). This position involves liaising with the biology administration and other DSC representatives to ensure that distribution runs smoothly.

Mentorship Representative (1)

  • The Mentorship Representative oversees the Biology Peer Mentorship Program, which seeks to pair upper year students with first year students. This position involves organizing events for the mentees and mentors, as well as participating in them (to ensure the program runs smoothly).

Careers Representative (2)

  • The Careers Representative will be responsible for distributing information about the career options available to undergraduate biology students. They will be the primary organizer of our annual “Careers Night”, and will play an active role in developing the “Grad School Info Night”.

Workshop Representative (1)

  • The Workshop Representative will be tasked with organizing skills and careers workshops for biology undergraduate students. These workshops will be based on academic and professional development (ex. writing workshops, improving applications, statistics in R workshops, etc.), and will require the Representative to liaise with professors and university staff.


Secretary/Treasurer (1)

  • This position involves recording minutes during each DSC meeting and keeping members informed of DSC meeting times. Organizational skills are essential to this position, as weekly minutes must be distributed in a timely manner. This position will also involve overseeing funds within the DSC.

Fundraising Coordinators (2)

  • The Fundraising Coordinators will be responsible for the clothing sale and clothing distribution within the department. The Coordinators will also be involved in planning fundraising events to reduce costs of DSC social events (ex. Biology Formal).

IT/ Tech (1)

  • This position is responsible for maintaining the Biology DSC website. They will post information about events, collect and publish course reviews. They will develop new pages with career resources, lecture captures, Queen’s biology-related clubs, and class syllabi. No web design experience is required.