Queen's University Biology

Departmental Student Council

Second Year


"This class on plants provides a detailed look at (you guessed it- plants) from algae up to flowering and fruiting trees. Prepare for memorization of terms in this course as the tests were very detail-oriented. However, they were similar to past tests and good marks were definitely possible with proper studying and attention to detail. Labs were very interesting and looked at actual specimens- as well as often included "field trips" to the lake or phytotron or arborium."
"In my year Biology 205 was taught by Drs. Chin-Sang and Bendena. I found the lab portion of the course to be useful in teaching me how to write a proper formal Biology lab report. The lab assignments were broken up into sections (ie. Introduction) which were all peer-reviewed before the full report was due, and this was a useful way to learn how to write an effective report. In the labs we also began to use D. melanogaster for small experiments, and it was nice to learn more lab techniques. I found the course material to be slightly related but mostly seperate from the lab material, and I thought that Biol 205 was taught in a manner that was comprehensive, and that the online midterm and final were very fair in relation to the course material"

"Dr. Chin-Sang incorporated many hands-on demonstrations and examples into his lectures, which were otherwise fairly content heavy. Constant reviewing of notes is a must for this class as the online openbook midterm required alot of analysis and prior thought. Tutorials helped with trickier math-based content. 8 online quizzes, an online midterm, and written final made up most of the assessment."

"This course teaches you how to properly excel and R, which is useful for other classes. The exam was easy, but come prepared to tutorials or you will fall behind."

"This was (in my opinion) one of the best laid-out/formatted classes I have taken. Each week, there was: a series of videos, a software primer (in R) and online quiz, tutorial, and 1-hour lecture, follwed by an online quiz (unlimited tries). Although this sounds like alot of content, there was overlap which helped facilitate understanding. For someone without much math prowess or interest, I really liked the layout, which I felt made it feasible to achieve a good grade in the course. No surprises here, the 3 tests and final were all very fair!! and similar to practice tests. In addition, the tutorials culminated in a group report. Great potential to do well if you put in the work."


"This course is very interesting overall, however there is a lot of material which is covered over the semester. The lab work was fairly interesting and involving dissections as well as other assignments including two in-class lab exams in a bellringer format. The first half of the course was tested over two midterms and the final covered the last half of the course."

"I really enjoyed biology 202. The course material was very interesting and it felt more like you were learning a bunch of fun facts. The lab portion of the course was very well organized and also worked well into what we were learning in the lecture. The tests were sometimes a bit tricky as the questions were fairly specific. However, they were not impossibly hard. Overall I have to say that this course was my favourite class in second year.‚Äč" 

"Biology 202 was an extremely interesting look at animal diversity. The material was interesting and the profs engaging. The lab component for the course was an amazing opportunity for plenty of hands on experience. Every week in the labs we dissected a new animal that we had been learning about in lecture that week. These animals ranged anywhere from worms to pigeons and rats and gave great practical learning experience."


"Dr Eckert was a great professor and continually made lectures very interesting. This course covered a lot of material over the two midterms and final and lab reports could at times be tedious with a lot of statistics involved. In addition to labs and midterms there were also 5 quizzes online as well." 

"This class introduced new concepts as well as applied material learned in BIOL205 in an evolutionary setting. Dr. Eckert's excellent lectures consisted of many case studies- great for those who struggle with purely theoretical learning. However, they were packed with content and it was important not to get behind in this class! The tutorials taught some of the more complex concpets, and smaller lab report projects (peer-marked) culminated in a full lab report written in pairs (TA-marked). Online quizzes, 2 midterms, and a final were fair but involved lots of application questions. An overall excellent course with genuinely interesting content- my favourite to date in biology :)"