Queen's University Biology

Departmental Student Council

Summer Job List for Biology Students

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Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Garden Interpreter
  • Botany Student
  • Aquatic Student
  • Trail Maintenance Student
  • Student Gardener 
  • Terrestrial Student
  • Visit website for more details https://www.rbg.ca/careers 
Government Jobs of Ontario
  • Agriculture Field Information Assistant
  • Livestock Assistant
  • Veterinary Programs and Research Assistant 
  • Aquatic/Wildlife Biologist 
  • Assistant Fish Culture Technician 
  • Assistant Forest Technician 
  • Assistant Fisheries Technician 
  • Assistant Resource Management Technician 
  • Assistant Water Resource Technician 
  • Climate Change Research Assistant 
  • Ecosystem Restoration Research Assistant
  • Environmental Assistant
  • Fish and Wildlife Assistant
  • GIS Assistant 
  • Wet Land Information Management Assistant 
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Visit website for more information http://www.gojobs.gov.on.ca/Pages/SEP.aspx
Parks Canada
  • Volunteer all over Canada at a Park or Site
  • Visit website for more information http://ww.ontariosciencecentre.ca/Volunteers/
Ontario Science Centre
  • Volunteering Opportunities 
  • Career Opportunities
  • see Website for more information http://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/Volunteers/
Canadian Nuclear Labratories 
  • See website for more details  http://www.cnl.ca/en/home/work/student-opportunities/summer.aspx